The Trends for Wedding Accessories

Everything which relates to wedding including the choice of venue, the decoration at venue, and the wedding attire and in fact the wedding accessories especially the  wedding accessories as a whole follows a trend. The trend could be seasonal or time or place specific. For an example, to choose an outdoor location especially the beach and decorate it with light colours is a popular trend for celebrating the weddings in summer season. Likewise, there are many trends which are quiet popular amongst the couples for celebrations of their big day.


Color is the Trend for Wedding Accessories

Since most of the weddings revolve around color themes so the trend which tops the choice for  women accessories too is ‘color’. The brighter the color, the better it is. Though exceptions to brightness are always there. But most of the couple like to stage the wedding on bright color or mixed palettes theme. Accordingly; dresses, decor and favors are selected in colors like purple, brown, black and deep red.


Wedding accessories such as the hand bag for bride and bridesmaids, the jewellery for bride, the shoe kind of bride and the hat are chosen in colors such as royal blue, sunshine yellow and party style black.

The more colourful the occasion is, the more festive the spirits will be.  So the trend is to add a lot of hues and sparkle to the wedding accessories. Couples wish to make everything look dazzling and fabulous and so to them the dark colours fascinate. From feathers on the hat or veil of bride to the shoes of bride and groom, every wedding accessory is chosen in dark shades of single colors or mixed palettes such as black and red, brown and orange. Darker colours add to the fun element in the event. And dark colours broaden the choice of wedding theme. Halloween theme, Carnival them and Royal wedding theme, all require the wedding accessories to be darker in colour.